Saturday, January 24, 2009

Part 27

Tracy looked at him and smiled.

"I dont want to hurt you", she said

"Hurt me baby, please hurt me", he said holding his hands together like he was praying.

"Your a bad boy", she said.

"So punish me."

"There is something I've always wanted to try", she said as she straddled his waist.

She reached down and took his shaft into her hand and began to stroke him slowly. She felt him start to grow in the palm of her hand. Bending over she took him into her mouth, sucking him slowly, taking time to lick the head before devouring him again. He came so fast and hard, his body convulsing beneath her. Andrew struggling to catch his breath watched in amazement as she licked up the remaining cum.

"Mmm, your taste so good", she said.

"Wow..that was great! But why'd you never try it before", he asked.

"I dont know..scared I guess", she said.

"And now?", he asked.

"I guess now that Im dead..theres really nothing Im afraid inhabitions anymore."

"That makes sense", he said.

"Yeah I try. Wouldn't want to be a dumb ghost."

The both laughed.

She layed on top of him, and he wrapped his arms tightly around her. Rolling onto their sides, she wrapped her leg around him.

"We really need to do something soon tho..if we want this to last.", she said.

" what do I need to do", he asked

"Well I was reading that book and it said consuming human blood can revitalized the body."

"You mean you want me to kill someone?", he asked.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Since there's really nothing fro her be afraid of & no inhibitions anymore sound like he might wind up having a very kinky night on of these nights. Hmmmmm wonder where and how she planning on getting the blood

Missy said...

I'm lovin' it!

I winder who they'll kill if he will agree to it.

Tracy's a bad girl.. A bad bad girl.


Missy said...

Forgive the typos above lol

SharoninWonderland said...