Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Part 13

He closed the door quickly, leaning back against it. Wondering if it was safe to come near her. But when he looked at her he couldn't be afraid of her. She looked so beautiful, even when she was mad. He walked slowly across the room and sat beside her silhouette.
"Are you still mad at me", he asked her.
"Good, because I want to show you something".
He stood and took a small box from his pocket. When he sat back down he opened the box and placed it on the bed.
"Is that what I think it is", she asked him.
"Its an engagement ring".
"Your proposing to me now?!"
"No. Not now. I was going to before you....died. I've been paying on it in installments. My last payment was today. I was going to propose to you on Valentines day."
"Wow", she said.
"Yeah, wow. Im showing this to you because I want you to know that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. You were my life...and now..theres really no reason for me to go on without you."
"Dont say that..Im still here".
"But for how long", he asked. "We cant live like this forever...I mean, is it really living? This isnt normal. I haven't been right since...since..and people already think i've lost my mind".
"If living like this makes us happy then who cares what anyone else thinks", she said.
He picked up the ring and examined it.
"I have no idea what Im suppose to do with this, its not like you can wear it".
"Keep it, maybe one day.."
"Maybe one day what?", he yelled. "Maybe one day I'll forget you and move on, find someone else to replace you? Do you really think I could move on? Could you? I mean you obviously haven't because your still here".
"Why are you getting mad at me? Im only trying to help".
"Im sorry Tracy. Im not mad at you. Its not your fault, Im just frustrated, thats all."
"Im sorry If Im making things harder by being here", she said.
"No..you make me better. If it werent for your refusal to move on...I would have..
"You tried", she said.
"And you saved me."
"Hey, I never said til death do us part".
"Never got the chance", he said.
"Even then. I dont think I could move on..I dont see how I could ever let go."
"Well this is depressing", he said.
She laughed. Music to his ears.
"Hey..what happened earlier. Why'd you leave so suddenly".
"My energy was drained. I needed to rest".
"Do you get tired or something", he asked.
"No..well, it takes alot of energy to move something. Even more if its angry energy".
"I was gonna explain..that girl Melanie, I dont even know her. Nothings going on between us if thats what you were thinking.", he said.
"I know. I mean yes I was jealous for a split second. I flew off the handle too quickly and Im sorry."
"Its ok. Come lay beside me so we can both try to get some rest".
"In a minute, but first I want to show you something".


Missy said...

Hmmm what could it be??


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Im wondering what it could be too