Thursday, January 1, 2009

Par 8

Once we were home I was so relieved. Its crazy how scary the world can be when you shut yourself off from it for so long. As I put my house key inside the door I turned to look at Tracy but she wasnt there. My heart stopped for a split second. I quickly pushed opened the door and looked around..breathing a sigh when I saw her hoovering near the stereo system. I turned on the radio. Our song was playing. I watched as she spun around the room. For moment he was lost, just watching her, until the phone pulled him out of his daze. It took him a second to figure out where the ringing was coming from. He made it to the phone in time. Almost out of breathe, he answered. "Hello, is this Andrew", the voice said on the other line.
"Yes", this is Andrew".
"Hey! Im so glad I got the right number", the woman said.
"Uh, who is this? Do I know you?"
"Oh, Im so sorry, this is Melanie..from the support group. I haven't seen you there in awhile..and well..I know I dont know you all that well but I was kinda worried".
"Ah..right, the support group", Andrew said as he looked over at Tracy. She was suddenly still. Her eyes seem to be glowing, or maybe it was in his head.
"Andrew, are you still there?"
"Yeah, Im here...sorry, was there something you wanted", he asked as he turned his back to Tracy.
" really, just wanted to check on you I guess. Make sure you were ok", she said.
"Oh, well im fine, thanks".
"Thats good to know. When do you think you might make it back to one of the meetings", she asked.
"Ah, I dont think I'll be coming back", he told her.
All of a sudden he felt a stong wind and the phone was knocked from his hand and the cord was pulled from the phone jack. He looked up at tracy and saw the anger in her eyes.


Missy said...

It's getting very interesting! I really like this story. Please post the next part a.s.a.p!!!! *M*

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Great writing! I'm glad to see your back writing the story Like Missy said it's getting very interesting. Cant wait to read the next chapter.