Sunday, January 18, 2009

Part 22

When he arrived at his cousins house. He was surprised to see his cousin pacing the room, back and forth. His eyes were weird almost frantic. he was almost afraid to even ask him what was going on. So Andrew just stood there in the doorway. His cousin Ryan had left the door open. He almost turned around to go back to his car, but Ryan spotted him. He ran over to him and pulled him inside, slamming the door behind them.
"Andrew! You wont believe what I just saw. I was at the cemetary. You know, to leave flowers on Tracys grave..because I know you haven't been there since the funeral and her family...well, you know how they are..but I go to leave flowers and the head stone was moved and the grave had been dug up..dirt all over the place. Blood was on the head stone and there was this smell..."
"Hold on, slow down Ryan! Take a deep breath. When did all this happen? Were you alone?"
"It had to have been about 30 minutes ago. As soon as I saw the mess I left and drove straight home. Thats when I called you. And I was alone."
Ryan was still pacing back and forth across the room. Andrew put a hand on his cousin's shoulder to stop him.
"Are you gonna be ok?", he asked.
"I dont know man. I gotta be honest, Im a little freaked out."
"I need to go check it out for myself. Are you up for going back with me?", Andrew asked.
Ryan started to pace again.
"I'll go with you..just to make sure nothing happens to you. But you gotta promise you'll only stay a minute".
"Im just going to look around. I need to see it for myself, thats all..and we will leave".
"Ok, well lets go before I change my mind", Ryan said.
15 minutes later they were in the graveyard, standing in front of Traceys grave. It was just as Ryan had described. But worse than he had imagined. The dirt was definately dug up recently. The blood on the headstone fresh. The stench almost unbareable.
"I've seen enough, lets go", Andrew said as he walked away.
Ryan was right behind him, quickly catching up with his pace.
"I told you man! its sick! I mean who would do something like that? What are you going to do? Should we call the police?"
"No! Were not going to do anything. Forget you ever saw that. Tell noone."
"Are you crazy! Some sicko is out there. Just messed with your girlfriends grave..and did who knows what to it and you want to do nothing?"
"Its not as simple as you think. Look, I appreciate you going to put flowers on her grave, or attempting to, and I thank you for calling me to let me know what happened, but just trust me and let me handle this ok."
"Hey! You aint gotta tell me twice. I know when to back off. You dont have to worry about me saying anything."
"Thanks. Your a good egg."
"And your a cracked one but your not only my family but your my friend."
"So what did you do with the flowers?", Andrew asked.
"Their in the back seat."
"Mind if I have them?"
"Eh, whatever floats your boat".
Ryan drove back to his house. Andrew got into his car and drove home to confront Tracy. He had a bad feeling that she had something to do with this.


Missy said...

What has Tracy done?!


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Wonder what she did. Hmmm if she is a ghost why is the grave dug up and who's blood is it.?!

SharoninWonderland said...


What the heck??