Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Part 17

"Ah", its a free country, you can sit where you like".
"Thank you", the woman said as she sat in front of him.
"I've been watching you since you came in. You intrigue me, thought id better introduce myself before you got away".
"I intrigue you", he asked
"Yes, is that so hard to believe?"
"Actually yes. "
"Why? Your a very handsome man. Very mysterious", she said.
"Thanks for the compliment, that really is flattering, but my lunch break is over, and I need to be back at the office in 5 minutes".
"Let me give you my card. You could call me sometime, we could hook up".
"Thanks, but no. Please dont give me your card", he said with a laugh..thinking of the last time a woman gave him her card.
"Whats so funny?", she asked.
"Too bad, I could have rocked your world", she said as she got up from the table and walked away.
He left soon after she did. Back at work, watching the minutes tick by slowly he could some how speed up time. When it was finally time to go home he felt like doing a back flip, not that he ever could. His heart sped up when he walked in the door and saw Tracy laying across the bed. From where he stood, she looked solid..human..alive. He was almost afraid to walk across the room. He took a deep breath and walked toward her.


Missy said...


You're killing me!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Missy took the words out of my mouth lol

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