Monday, January 12, 2009

Part 16

He had fallen asleep laying beside the spirit of his girlfriend. When he awoke she was still there. Her form simmering as if she was breathing. He had decided that if this was going to work he needed to try to have some type of a normal life. So he got up and took a shower and got dressed for work. He decided to let her rest..or recharge. He would try to make it as best he could without her. But knowing she would be waiting for him when he came home helped to get him threw it. The work day was long and drawn out, and his mind was not present. It was hard to focus but he tried. He kept thinking about the way her hands felt on his chest. The way her lips and tongue tasted. In a weird way it was better than when she was alive. Or maybe it was all in his head. He found himself masturbating in the mens bathroom on his lunch break. The release felt so good. He wanted so bad to go home during his break, but he knew if he did there was a good chance he wouldnt come back. Not wanting to risk it, he went to Subway to eat. After sitting there for 15 minutes starring out the window as he ate, he realized people were starring and him. He suddenly felt self conscious. He was about to leave when a woman walked up to his table. "Mind if I join you", the woman asked.


Missy said...

I couldn't have stayed at work. There's no way.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

If I was all that excited ;-) I would not of stayed at work one second longer.