Sunday, May 10, 2009

Part 48

Andrew shook his head slowly. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Refused to believe his cousin, his closest friend would suggest he killed the woman he loved. Especially after loosing her once already. And all of the things he went thru, to bring her back to him. Did he really think he could ever do anything to harm her. He watched as Ryan paced back and forth in front of him.
"What are you thinking?", Andrew asked
"You dont wanna know."
"You dont have to say it. I already know. I wont let you do it."
"I dont know what your talking about."
"I'd die before I let you harm a hair on her head."
"You dont mean that."
"Can you really be so sure?"
"The only thing Im sure of is that this has to be stopped.
And you obviously dont have the balls to do it."
Andrew stood up slowly, finally feeling some stength in his legs again, he walked passed Ryan.
"Where you going?"
"Wait...dont leave. Not yet. Not like this."
Andrew turned and looked at him. "Theres nothing left to say."
"Yes there is. Im sorry Andrew. I shouldn't have said those things. Im just freaking out here."
Andrew paused in the front of the door, not sure what to do next.
"Hey man, at least let me make you a cup of coffee before you go. It'll help you build your stength back up. Wouldn't want you passing out behind the wheel."
Andrew nodded and walked back over to the sofa. He waited as Ryan went into the kitchen. He tapped his left foot impatiently. He was worried about Tracy. Wondering what she was doing. Hoping she hadn't gone anywhere. Ryan returned a few minutes later with two cups of coffee. They sat in silence as they drank. Andrew drank the coffee faster than he normally would. He was anxious to leave. But didnt have the strength to fight with Ryan anymore, so he stayed for coffee, hoping it would pacify him. When he was done he sat the cup down on the table across from him and stood up but his legs felt wobbly. He sat back down. His vision started to get blury.
"What did you do?", he asked Ryan as he looked over at his empty coffee cup.
He slowly laid back against the sofa. Eyes rolling slowly back, he murred " me", before passing out.


Tabby said...

Ah Ha, now the cousin will try to go kill the girlfriend????

Missy said...

Oh shit! What a jerk!

That was unexpected!

SharoninWonderland said...


WHHAT! I bet Ryan will put a stop to it now....

SHIT what was crazy!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

I had a feeling he was gonna put something in his coffee to knock him out