Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chapter 2

After she had taken a quick shower, she got dressed in a plain white tee, tight blue jeans and white tennis shoes. Pulling her maroon curtains back she looked out the window, tapping her right foot impatiently. She was waiting on Kasey. And she was late as usual. Every morning Kasey would come by and pick her up. They'd go to star-bucks and drink ice coffees and Kasey would tell her all the things she couldn't remember. Altho she trusted her friend, she sometimes wondered if Kasey told her the full truth. Wondering if her words were sugar coated to protect her feelings. Today was no different than any other. She sat at a table across from her friend. Nestling her throbbing head in her hand. Waiting on the verdict Kasey was about to render.

"Lastnight was rough, you got really drunk", Kasey said.
Amy looked at her, waiting for her to finish the story. She hated these dramatic pauses in between.

"I tryed really hard to stop you, honestly I did, but you just wouldnt listen. You kept hanging on to this guy Joel the whole night. I didn't leave you alone tho, everywhere you went I went. "

"Kasey, what did I do", Amy sighed.

"Well, there was this one time..I left you, only to use the bathroom, I mean I really had to go or I would have pissed all over myself. Anway..when I got back you were gone. I asked Deon, the guy Joel was with, were you were and he said you had snuck off to the back with him. So I went looking for you. I ended up getting lost back there. By the time I found my way back you and Joel were stumbling out of the broom closet.

"Great, so I screwed another random guy?"

"Possibly", Kasey said.

"I really should stop drinking."

"You should stop doing alot of things", Kasey pushed.

"You should mind your own buisness!"

After Amy snapped on Kasey, she immediately felt sorry. But she didn't apologized. Her days lately have been full of apologies. Full of things done and things said that couldn't be taken back. So she did what she did best and quicky changed the subject.

"So I got that job at that dance club down town."


"Yeah I did. I start tomorrow actually. Im scared girl!"

"And your gonna be doing what?"


"Theres other things.."

"Things I definately wont be doing!"

"Im just saying.."

"You say too much."

"So what are you singing?"

"Haven't figured it out yet. But you'll be there right?"

"Of course. How long will you be singing?"

"Well..Ive only got one night gauranteed so far. I guess its like trying out or something. But I sing three sets, so I need three songs. Im not sure how much I'll be getting paid but I gotta start somewhere right?"

"Yeah. Your right. So Im picking you up for this?"

"How else will I get there? You know I dont have a car."

"Im just checking to make sure."

"Im guessing we should go. I need to go home and practice."

They left Star-bucks. Kasey took her home. Made her promise to call her later and sped down the road to whereever she went when she left her. Dropping her purse in the middle of the floor she sprawled across the bed and began to sing to herself as she planned tomorrow in her head.


Missy said...

Hmmm... I can relate to not remembering a lot the next day.

Valerie Wangnet said...

Great character, and you have a talent for capturing the reader's interest very early in the story. Fast paced and interesting - I am looking forward to seeing this story unravel.

Good work

Tabby said...

This story is starting out very good, and I am sure it will only get better. I am off to read the next chapter!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Looks like she needs to stop drinking