Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chapter 3

Jackson stared out the window of his hotel room. Always another hotel. But with the line of work he did, he couldn't afford to even begin to built a foundation or even hope to settle down in one place. He lit another black and mild as he watched the clock. In five minutes he should be getting a phone call. The calls always came on time. He felt on edge. The aniticipation driving him to smoke one cigarette after another. Along with the anticipation came excitement. The thrill of the next chase. The ritualistic dance of the hunter and its prey. The phone rings. As always he let it ring twice before picking up. It was his contact, Killer.

"Jackson", he said after picking up the phone.

"You in?"

"Yes, Im in."

"Your package will arrive tomorrow morning. Inform me when its recieved."

And that was it. The dial tone sounded in his ear. Killer was never one for small talk. Straight to the point as always. He liked it that way. No bull..just buisness. He got up from the bed after putting out his cigarette on the bedside table. He had to get out of these four walls. Seeing as he had to wait until the very next day before he could begin his next job. He might as well find something to do to help pass the time. He had spotted a decent looking night club on his way into town, he thought he'd stop in there. He could definately use a drink.


Tabby said...

Alright I see where this is going....let's see if I am right :)

Missy said...

Hmmm I think I see where this is going myself.. but I wonder what this guy is getting himself into..