Saturday, July 26, 2008

A New Life

Angelica had met Jessie one night when she stopped at a nearby convience store to get a bottle of Gin. She was bored, lonely and wanted to numb herself. He tryed to make small talk while standing in line but she wasn't in the friendly sort of mood. That didnt seem to bother him tho because he kept right on talking. She didn't say much, just nodded and smiled a little. She payed for her purchase and hurried out of the store, hoping to make it to her car before he came out behind her. But he was fast. Before she could turn the keys in the ignition he was tapping on her window. She sighed as she rolled down the window. He handed her a card with his name and number on it. "I think you forgot this", he said. "No, I didn't", she said. But she put it in her purse anyway. "Well, in case you ever need somebody to talk to..", he said. "Thanks, I gotta go", she said. "Wait!", he yelled right as she started to pull off. "You never told me your name". "Its Angelica". He smiled and said, "A pretty name for a pretty lady". She rolled her eyes and drove away. Later that night she had laid back on her bed polishing off the bottle she had bought earlier. She was drunk but still bored and lonely, so she decided to call Jessie. Til this day she couldn't remember the drunken conversation even if she tried. But she was sure she didn't tell Jessie that she was a married woman. She should have, but she didn't. Her husband, "Christopher" was hardly ever around. All he did was work. He cared more about money than he did her. She didn't even fully understand what it was that he did, but what she did know was that he made alot of money and he always used "work" as his excuse for being gone all the time. She was almost positive he was cheating on her, so she didn't feel bad about cheating on him. After two months of being with Jessie, she finally told him that she was married. She didn't tell him at first because she didn't think anything would happen between them, and if it did it wouldn't last long. But now that she was starting to care about him she knew she had to tell him. He took it better than she thought he would, altho he was mad, he didn't hate her. For awhile she had been thinking of taking half of Chris's money and leaving him. But then it had only been a fantasy until she met Jessie. She told him of her thoughts and he told her he thought she should go thru with it. Then they could go off somewhere and start a new life together. The idea sounded good in theory but wouldn't be so easy to pull off. Chris popped in and out whenever he felt like it so she didn't know exactly when she should plan it all. But one morning she woke up and she knew it was either now or never. She packed as much of her stuff into her two suit cases, loaded up the car and called Jessie from her cell phone letting him know she was on her way to pick him up. But Jessie didn't answer his phone. Still she went to his house, hoping he was home. She tried blowing the horn, when that didnt work she went up and knocked on the door. Still no answer. She had no time to wait, cuz Chris could show up anytime and she couldn't afford to let him see her. She made it to the bank and withdrawed half of the money in his account. Immediately afterward she drove to a hotel on the other side of town and checked in using cash. She continued to call Jessie until she finally got an answer. The sound of his voice made her stomach tighten. He started giving her excuses about how it was too soon, and he needed more time, she was moving to fast.

"So everything you told me, all the plans we discussed was all a lie right?", she screamed into the phone.

"No, I meant it at the time. But now..I dont think I can go thru with it", he said.

"I cant believe your chickening out on me!", she screamed.

"Calm, down...look, you dont have to do this now. We can still see eachother, and maybe sometime down the line we can.."

"Bull! I cant turn back now! Its too late!"

She hung up the phone. Trying to fight back the tears that were stinging her eyes. She grabbed her bags and checked out of the hotel. Loading the car up again, she was on her way. To where she didn't know. But there was no turning back now. She was going to start a new life. She didn't need a man. All they brought her was pain anyway. She could picture Chris now when he walked in and realized that she was gone for good. He'll probably tear up the house in a fit of rage. And once he realizedhis money was gone...well she didn't even want to think about that. She just hope she never laid eyes on him again. For the first time in years she was excited. Excited about all the possibilties of starting a new life.







doclove64 said...

Wonderfully written story!

cherry2sweet2eat said...

very good story sad that loser aint want to be with her after that.

ma24179 said...

I like it. Men are loosers anyway lol. Hey, I have a story I think you'd like to read. I wrote it last year. Let me know if you want me to e-mail it to you. It would be rated X probably lol. -Missy