Monday, June 8, 2009

Chapter 10

Orchid smiled at Jackson flirtatiously. He looked kind of cute. But it was hard to tell in the dark. He seemed to be the mysterious type, and that she definately liked.

"So where are you headed", he asked her.

"Home. I need to get out of these clothes".

"And into what?"

She laughed at his two sided remark.

"Wouldn't you like to know."

She folded her arms across her chest as the wind began to make her shiver from the chill.

"Here", Jackson said as he took off his leather jacket and handed it to her.

She waved it away at first, but after he insisted, she accepted it. The over sized jacket swallowed her in, warming her instantly in its cocoon.

"Thank you", she said as she pulled it tightly around her.

"No problem. You need a ride home?"

"Actually..I do."

She followed Jackson back to his car. Once inside she thought for a second that maybe she should just walk back. In the very next second, she thought how exciting this was. Accepting a ride late at night with this mysterious stranger. Definately a dangerous thing, yet she wasn't moving. Before she could think again he was pulling off, asking her what direction to take. The ride back home seemed to be really short. She sat inside his car a few seconds longer than necessary. Hoping he'd say something. Starting to feel silly, she told him thanks for the ride and opened the car door.

"Maybe I'll see you around sometime.", he said.


Before she closed the door she remembered that she had on his jacket. Before she could take it off he shook his head and told her to keep it. She smiled and thanked him again, carefully closing the door. She walked away, trying very hard not to look back.


Missy said...

I wonder what this will become between them...

Tabby said...

Well he must obviously must like her just to give her his jacket like that. I bet he is going to be her protector or something like that, but what is she doing when she blacks out???????

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Wonder what will happen between them or will be like a night guardian watching over her