Friday, June 12, 2009

Chapter 11

Jackson was smiling as he drove down the road. Thinking of the strange but unique encounter he just had. He had the strongest urge to turn around and go back. He didnt know why but he felt compelled to satisfy this urge. So he turned around and drove back to Orchids house. He was surprised to see her squatting down on the side of house. He couldn't see what she was doing. He decided to get out of the car to make sure everything was ok. He walked up behind her. She must have heard him coming because she jumped up, holding her right hand behind her back.

"Is everything ok?", he asked her.

"Why are you still here? I thought you left."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Well, I wasnt aware that I had to answer to you."

Jackson laughed and shrugged his shoulders. "You dont have to, I was making sure you were ok."

"Im fine", she said.

"What are you hiding?", he asked.

"You ask alot of questions."

"Well, you do alot of questionable things."

"This is probably true, but we already decided that I dont have to answer to you."

"We did. Its just so obvious that your hiding something."

"It should be just as obvious that Im not going to tell you what Im hiding."

He watched as she slid something into her pocket. It was too dark to see exactly what it was but it was definately something small.

She walked passed him and he followed her up the stairs.

"Did I invite you in?", she asked.

"Not yet."

"Then I wouldn't hold my breath. Its late and I dont know you well enough. You could be an axe murderer for all I know."

He laughed and said, "Your right, I could be."

She squinted her eyes at him as if she were trying hard to see him clearly.

"Are axe murderer."

"Do you really think I'd admit it if I were?"

"No. But answer the question anyway."

"No, Im not an axe murder."

She tilted her head to the side and squinted her eyes again.

"I dont know if I believe you. You seem like the dangerous type."

"Right. So you should probably stay away from me then."


"But you wont", he said.

"No. Not if I can help it."

"Are you inviting me in now?"

"No. Your a stranger and its late.."


"As a bull."

"But cute."

"I know."

He laughed again and turned to leave.

"Wait. Where are you going?", she asked.

"Doesn't make sense to keep standing here since your not inviting me in because Im a stranger and its late."

She laughed this time.

"You should stop by tomorrow, maybe I'll invite you in."

"Maybe I'll stop by."

He turned again to leave. Silently hoping that she would stop him again but she let him leave. Stopping at his car, he looked back to see her closing the door behind her. As he got into his car and drove away he thought how weird it was that he felt so good about something so simple, when his life was anything but simple. Maybe, that was exactly what he needed.


Valerie Wangnet said...

Jackson is becoming a more and more interesting character. The dialouge is chilling and exciting - great progress with this story!

Yes, I will return Childish Games at the end of the month, apparantly I don't hold rights to publish my own work until then :(

All the best,

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Wonder what she was hiding and why

Tabby said...

Sorry I am so late to read this entry, but I want to you to know it was great! I love the banter you have going between these two characters. I am off to read the next installment :)