Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Part 35

When Andrew arrived home, Tracey was at the door waiting for him. He walked passed her and sat on the bed.

"Well?", she asked.

He handed her the gym bag and she snatched it from him, pulling the zipper back so fast she almost broke it. She tossed the bag on the floor and held the bag of blood in her hands.

"So what now?", he asked her.

"I drink it...I guess."

"Do you need a cup or something?"

"I guess..I mean, it would get kind of messy trying to drink from this plastic."

He just sat there looking at her.

"Will you go get me a cup? Please?"


He left and went to the kitchen. The wait seemed so long. She felt the strong urge to just rip into it with her teeth but she resisted. She held on to it tightly. It felt so heavy, and cold.

"I got you your favorite Garfield cup and a pair of scissors", Andrew said as he walked back into the room.

He handed her the scissors. She careful cut along the top of the bag. Dropping the scissors to the floor when she finished, she held the bag with both hands as Andrew held the cup out to her. She slowly poured the blood from the bag. Andrew's hand shook slightly and so did her own. When she was finished she took the cup from him and stepped back.

"You dont have to watch this is you dont want to", she told him.

"Its ok. I want to. I need to."

"Ok...here goes.."


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Don't sound good her having the urge to rip into it with her teeth

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I am so anxious!!!