Sunday, October 12, 2008

Part 3

When Andrew arrived back home, the house felt empty. He didnt feel her presence. Gone was the chill he felt when she was around. He laid across the bed for hours hoping she would come, until his eyes grew so heavy he could no longer force them open. He wasnt sure how long he was out, but he awoke immediately when he felt a sudden chill brush across his chest. A smile slowly crept across his lips, welcoming her arrival.
Imagine if you can a weight pushing down on your chest. Nothing painful or forcefully, but a gently push against it, as if someone was bracing themself up on you. Apparently, she was playing one of her games again. Sometimes she showed herself, tonight..she wouldn't let him see her, but he could feel her. He imagined her straddling his waist, her hands pressed down on his chest as if she was ready to take a ride. He could feel a brush across his cheek. He wondered and silently hoped that she had given him a kiss. Suddenly he felt a stinging clench on his chest and seconds later the card he had taken from his pocket and put on the table fell to the floor as if someone had knocked it off. Then he heard a scream. And just as quickly as it came, the chill was gone. The room back to the normal temperature. His heart ached. He sat up and picked the card up from the floor and ripped it to pieces. Why didn't he just throw it away? She'd be back. But not tonight. But when she returned, he'd be waiting.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Very good, your story is coming along great.

Lainey Laine said...

I like your writing! I will now follow your stories. Laine xxx

Missy said...

Now I liked that. He needs to toss the card!