Friday, October 24, 2008

My Girlfriends Ghost (Part 4)

Andrew was in pain. Not physically, but emotionally. He didn't know what to do. It had been 4 days and she hadn't been back. Since that night she went away, he hadnt done anything. He hadn't eaten, hadn't bathe or brushed his teeth. He was still in the same clothes from the night she left him. He hadn't been to work, hadn't left the house at all. Phone calls went unanswered. The number 5 blinked on his answering machine over and over. Sometimes he found himself starring at the number until it blurred over. He'd known she was angry, but to just disappear for four days and not return..he was beginning to think he'd finally lost her for good. Had she finally crossed over..seen that light, or was she hiding in some unseen darkness, seething in her anger. He just wanted a chance to explain, to reason with her. But how do you reason with a ghost? He began to think back 6 months ago, to the day she died. It was all his fault. They had just finished making love, when he decided to turn on the tv to watch the end of a game. She had asked him not to. Said she just wanted to cuddle with no distractions, but he wasn't hearing it. She jumped up, started screaming that he never spent any quality time with her. Told him he was selfish and unromantic. He ignored her and continued to watch the game. In a fit of rage she threw on her clothes and shoes,ran out,jumped into her car and took off. She had been driving when a drunk driver cam barreling down the road right at her. She had been driving too fast and couldn't stop, wasn't able to swerve fast enough. ..her car collided with the other. The doctors had said she had died from the impact of the crash. He blamed himself..still, he should have just held her, should have turned the stupid game off, should have apologized, should have ran after her, stopped her from leaving. He should've done so many things, but all he did was lay there. And now he may have lost her forever.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Tou're story is going great. Like he did in the story sonetimes in life we dont relize we dont show and tell the one we love how much we love them until we lose them.

Missy said...

That should give people something to think about. We don't know how long we're going to have these people in our lives..