Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chapter 17

"Well, for about a year I've been experiencing black outs. But in the last few months, its been happening more frequently. It started out just being maybe once every few months. Then it went to be about every few weeks, to every other day and now in the last week Ive been blacking out every day. And when I say blacking out, I mean Im loosing full days. Sometimes its only an hour or two but more often than not, I wake up not knowing what I did the day before."
"When you wake up from these blackouts, do you notice anything different", Jackson asked.
Amy pulled at her short hair as she said, "I used to have shoulder length hair. I woke up one morning this way."
"Red streaks?"
"Yeah, I woke up with that surprise too."
"Looks good on you."
"Thank you. Its not too bad. I'm still trying to get use to it."
"Any other transformation happen during a black out", he asked.
"No...", she said slowly.
"But something else did?"
"Yeah a few things have been happening, things Im not proud of."
"Like waking up with a strange man in my bed. Waking up in strange places I dont remember going to. I've woken up sore a couple of times."
"Sore? Where were you..."
She quickly shook her head.
" mean..."
"Yeah lets not get into that ok, I'd rather not."
"Its fine, none of my buisness anyway", he said
Jackson cleared his throat and leaned back in his seat.
"So, anything else?"
"No, thats it. The strangest thing thats happened recently is when you showed up at my door calling me Orchid."
"Right. Well, I have an idea of how we can get to the bottom of whats happening with you, but your going to have to keep an open mind and work with me."
"How open minded?", she asked.
"What do you think about me staying with you for a few days?"


Tabby said...

I hope she doesn't kill him! Or sleep with him if she is the crazy personality. Good chapter!

Amanda said...

(((((((((((((((MELISSA))))))))))))Scary,cant wait to see what happends next.

Valerie Wangnet said...

It seems like you've put in quite some research into these characters - or have fantastic observation skills - these characters are very real! Wonderful dialogue - everything is so authentic! I have to catch up with a few post I've missed, can't wait!


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Getting very interesting..wonder if she split personality or if she is being drugged by some one