Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chapter 24

The sound of a single gun shot rang out as it sliced thru the air and pierced her skin. She cryed out in pain, her eyes wide with shock as the blade fell from her hand, clattering to the floor. He'd only shot her in the arm. Only to scare her, slow her down. She held her right arm with her left hand, blood sliding down the length of her arm.

"I..I cant shot me", she said slowly as she moved backwards, stumbling into the table behind her.

"I cant believe you dont take me more seriously", he said.

Leaning against the table she began to slump to the floor, still clutching her arm.

"Too much blood..not my blood", she stammered.

Jackson walked over to her slowly. She leaned over to the side, her head hit the floor. Switching on the safety Jackson pocketed his gun and kneeled over Orchid. He lifted her head. Placing two fingers on her neck he took her pulse. She was fine. Apparently she had passed out. He eased her head back down and stood up. He looked around the room for something to tie around her arm. He had to stop the bleeding. Not having any luck, he rip the sleeve of his shirt to use to tie her arm. After that was done he picked her up and lay her on the bed. Taking a seat in what he was beginning to feel like his chair, he prepared himself to wait, until his cell phone rang.


Unknown said...

Wonder what he is going to say if when she comes to she is herself instead of Orchid

Unknown said...

If she wakes up as Amy she is not going to be too pleased with him. I wonder if the call is his boss asking if he killed her yet???