Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Part 42

"Its your choice. Do whatever you think is best", Andrew said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Im sure. I'll go along with whatever you want. Thats the way you like it right?"

She laughed a little, and nodded her head.

"Well then, I think I've made a decision."


"And I think Im going to see what happens when I dont drink blood."

"Is that your final answer?"

She laughed again.

"How can you make jokes, this is serious."

"I know. Just trying to lighten the mood a bit.", he said.

"It might be a good idea to hold me now, before I..".

He pulled her into his arms before she could finish her sentence. They made love then, slowly and passionately. Like it was the last time they would be able to touch eachother.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hmmm..wonder whats gonna happen now..could she go thrugh withdraw

Missy said...

Awww thats sad..

SharoninWonderland said...

Wow.... let's see...