Sunday, November 2, 2008

Part 6

The moment he popped his first handful of pills, he felt a sudden tightening on his stomach. Squeezing him hard, over and over until the pills came back up. He fell to his knees, head down, palms down on the floor, trying to catch his breath. At first, he didn't understand what had happened until he thought about Tracy. She was never far from his mind. She had saved his life. He looked around the room frantically but saw nothing. He closed his eyes to free all his senses but the room tempeture felt normal. There were no unusual sounds in the room. He hadn't even realized he'd been holding his breathe until he exhaled loudly..startling hisself. He sulked off to the bathroom to get cleaning supplies to clean up the mess he had made on the floor. When he was finished he put everything back in its place and laid across the bed. He had closed his eyes and was drifting off to sleep when he felt a cool sensation against his neck. His eyes opened immediately. She was there, laying beside him. Her ghostly silhouette, so trasparent and beautiful. She watched him silently. Her hollow form tryed to stroke his face. He could feel something like the cool breeze of an ocean against his cheek. The Silhouette of her hand hovered above his head, her eyes intense as if she were concentrating. The instant she touched the hairs on his head he felt dizzy and lightheaded, almost high. He smiled and closed his eyes. He wanted to talk to her, tell her he was sorry, that he'd missed her. But his throat was dry and scratchy. Worried that he wouldn't be able to form the words, and possibly ruin the moment, he kept quiet. Then she began to hum, the most beautiful melodic tune he ever heard. He drifted off again and slept the most peaceful sleep he'd had in months.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Another wonderfult part to your great story

Missy said...

Now that almost had me in tears. That is so amazing.. I wish things like that would happen in real life.